Friday, January 30, 2009

IPod Touch Photo Applications

I've been spending a little bit too much time researching uses for my new toy - the iPod Touch. Some of the practical things I am now using the iTouch for include:
1) Storing some of my Photos for showing at Networking events (my mobile portfolio)
2) Storing my camera and flash manuals so I always have reference (just in case)
3) Storing various photo shoot lists as a reminder when needed
4) Storing different images of poses that I may decide to use once in awhile
5) A Sunrise application that tells me the twilight, sunrise and sunset times at various locations in the country so I know when I can capture the magic light any day of the year
6) A DOF (depth of field) calculator for different lenses and focal distances
7) Links to various photography websites for keeping abreast of new equipment and new techniques
8) and other planned uses

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