Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sowebo Festival - May 2009

A few photo impressions from the 2009 annual Sowebo (South West Baltimore Bohemian) festival. Slide show with more images

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Now Accepting Orders for Designer Frames

We have partnered with a major framing company and are happy to offer their entire line of designer eco friendly frames and mattes. These exceptional frames range from contemporary, traditional and classic and will look great on any wall. Here are a few samples out of hundreds of different style frames and mattes.

Contact us for more details and recommendations for type of frames for your special portrait. We are also integrating a page for you to customize your own frame for your images and are also partnering with other select companies for canvas wrapped art prints, metallic prints, prepress photo books, designer albums, and other high end photo products.

(Note - these images do not show the actual richness of our frames and any matte tile patterns and other artifacts on these computer generated images are not on the actual products).

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two Fine Artists Pass Away

I just heard today that a friend from the Baltimore Camera Club passed away suddenly. Barbara Williams, a great photographer, recently came down with an infectious virus and passed away within days. Before that, she was always full of life and sunshine. This is a reminder to me that life really is fragile.

I also heard today that the brother of 2 girls I knew a few years ago, just passed away. Edgar Argo was a well known cartoonist with a somewhat strange sense of humor.

The world will surely miss these two fine artists.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Model Mayhem Sly Horse Studios

Last week I attended another Model Mayhem event. This one was at Sly Horse Studios in Rockville. Met a lot of neat people and it was fun and an experience photographing so many models in one place. It was somewhat hectic and a long busy day. It was even longer getting photos ready for presentation with Photoshop and distribution to the models.
Last Saturday, Kristie & I went to the Fairy Festival in Spoutwood Farms - Glen Rock, PA. That was great fun too. Will have pictures up from that in a few days.
Here are the studio pictures from Saturday April 25.

G e o r g e S k e p t o n P h o t o g r a p h y

"The Beauty and Excitement of People - Real People - Real Memories - Real Life"

H o m e F a s h i o n W e d d i n g s P o r t r a i t s E v e n t s C o n t a c t B l o g C l i e n t s