Sunday, November 21, 2010

FaerieCon 2010 - Day 2

A convention day of rich beauty and frivolity while fairies shop and vendors clink their golden coins. And the art of Steampunk - Victorian steam age and modern fantasy technology blending in with the fantasy of faerie worlds.

What a fantastic event - good faeries, bad faeries, wizards, goblins, trolls, forest and woods people, Victorian and Elizabethans, steampunks and goths, just plain beautiful people, fashion, trinkets, music, and live bands made for a wondrous day. Here are a few photos from the day 2 convention and some from the evening's Bad Faeries Ball.

The Bad Faeries Ball was the Saturday evening event at Faeriecon when all the bad faeries came out to play and frolic and dance. Music of the evening was by Cecile Corbel from Brittany and her musicians and the band Faun from Germany. Some of the faeries hung outside and cast spells on each other. Others watched and listened to the bands while others danced to the spirit of the music.

I hope some of these images help convince you that the worlds of mythical creatures sometimes come to life in a big and beautiful way to share their world with us. Believe.

Entire Facebook albums of  FaerieCon Day 2  and The Bad Faeries Ball

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