Monday, October 19, 2009

Station North Open Studios Tour - Cork Building

This past Saturday, Kristie and I did a short tour of some of the studios in the Cork Building in the North Station Arts District of Baltimore. All the artists that we met were friendly, interesting, and fun and the building and studios were fantastic. It was a pleasure chatting with the artists in their studios and seeing their art. We didn't buy anything this time; but there were a lot of really neat pieces. Our tour of the studios and meeting with the artists at the Cork Factory was a memorable experience.

The artists we met were Nancy Linden, Daniel Herman, Paul Moscatt, Mary Swann, Lyndie Vantine, Jim Hillman, David Herman, and Al Zaruba. Here's a slide show of some retouched photos from our tour.

G e o r g e S k e p t o n P h o t o g r a p h y

"The Beauty and Excitement of People - Real People - Real Memories - Real Life"

H o m e F a s h i o n W e d d i n g s P o r t r a i t s E v e n t s C o n t a c t B l o g C l i e n t s