Saturday, September 20, 2008

New York City Day Trip Photoshoot

I joined a group of photographers for a day bus trip to New York City. Set the alarm for 2:30AM , caught the bus at 4:15AM so we could catch the early morning light in New York. Got to China Town about 7:30 with the smells and sounds of the Chinese markets opening. Watched a TaiChi group at one of the local parks, walked to Foley Square, the Law & Order courthouse for a group shot and more pictures of the Federal building benches and of the skyscrapers. Then we walked to and over the Brooklyn Bridge and back, taking a few nice pictures along the way. On the way back, about 3,000 "Live United" marchers for the United Way poured onto the bridge towards Brooklyn. We survived the stampede. 

Went to the South Street Seaport where a bicycle for a day festival was held. Took more pictures of the people. Had lunch, then walked to Wall Street, caught a subway and headed for Central park. Walked through the park to Shakespear's Garden, Belvadere Castle, The Boat Lake, Belvedere Terrace, Wolman Rink, Poets Walk, and back to China town via the subway. Caught the bus and headed home. A lot of fast paced walking and sightseeing for the day. 

A great trip and a great overview; but not enough time to really study and capture the places in photographs. I'll have a few photos up shortly.

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